Intelligent, proud, bold, majestic and even loyal are all words that have been used to describe the Friesian horse.

It is sometimes difficult for people on this side of the world to "feel" the history of these wonderful animals. However, in the province of Friesland, where the Friesian horse has its origins, this "feel" of history is very much alive.

The history of the Friesian goes back more than two thousand years and it grows with the people of Friesland.

The Friesians have been used as war horses and carriage horses for royal courts. At one time, they were the fastest trotting horses in the world. Friesians have also been used as farm horses. In recent years, they have again become carriage horses and now work very well as dressage horses.

They have personalities that are calm and gentle. They also have the fire when asked to perform, they are wonderful show horses.

Zylstra Friesians also have their origins in Friesland, where Leo was born in the small village of Kubaard. We began with our star mares, Ottolien and Metske, which we purchased from breeders in California. The first horse we imported was Germa fan "Hensoude." Germa was purchased from Germ and Tineke Bouma when she was four weeks old. We waited until she had been judged in Holland before bringing her to Washington.

Since then we have imported several other horses both for ourselves and others. We have also imported frozen semen from some of the top qualified stallions in Europe.

We use our horses for local shows and parades. Most of them are broke to ride and drive.

We welcome visitors to our farm but do request they make appointments for their visits.


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